In My Arms

I lost my way with everything
Knowing now how I go in
To suffering, the way I’ve known
Going down, far below
I’m sure you know

And here I know that it’s all in me
cuz I’m full grown and I can see
How, the way it comes again, now
And I know why
'Cause I don’t like to stray from my hardened lines
I won’t deny

Oh and now, I’ll go
I’m gonna grow in a former style
I'm a long way from home
And I’ve caught me walking away
Caught my holding out, got to walk that other way
To this old former life I’ve known
For I want my love to show, I’m all right
I‘m going to take your arm, in my arm, make my way
Oh and I know it’s easy to stay and go on
In this old world that I’m caught up in
But you show me that it is all in my arms
In my arms, in my arms, in my arms

oh now please, give me something I can feel
oh something I can fight
oh something I know’s real
oh something I know is right

I’m going to go on with my loving in tow
And I’m going to take this heart in and grow
The art of loving yes I know
Is knowing your hang ups and letting them go

And loving again now
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