Looking at the news of the day, another bad thing, another sad story
Feeling helpless, angry in that, opinions all out, most are making me mad.

And I try to empathize, with most viewpoints, try to understand sides
Until I sit still full of no will, thinking of love and thinking of the beauty here

Heartlessness the way of the weak, thinking you’re strong, you're never knowing life’s peak.
Hiding out in caves on the hill, feeling on top not seeing it’s a landfill

Oh my damn

All I know is the peak of this life is loving and living, giving and connecting right
Not gaining money or power, or personal wealth or thinking of just ourselves

Tell me where our minds went wrong, we see the dollar bill signs but never hear the song.

Don’t we know one day we’ll be gone, then we’ll realize what we’ve been missing all along

I know, I know how do we grow, how to talk between sides where a gulf grows
One says use it’s ours, the other one says we only borrow then become flowers.

Oh, my damn

And we all grow tall, then fall down

While the loving flows all around
How? feel it now.

oh my damn
oh my damn
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