Body Warm

Sittin' down by a friends side, we're gonna watch the night come, hum a little song and go, back to the world that we know, where time is movin fast and our feet are tryin' to move slow

Everyday pushin' bad thoughts away, cuz no matter what, in the end, it will be fine
We're gonna walk up deep into the pines, act primitively and watch the river flow down to the sea

Rollin' thru the wind, upset we're missin' another friend, thank God a body's warm

Movin' through the day, thinking of the things that we would like to say, thank God your body's warm

Out on our missions, tryin hard to listen to our own intuitions; I'm gonna have to get myself a better job, and make my way in this odd world, oh my good god, it seems
We are fallin' down an ever deeper hole, takin' our toll, but we know that things are allright
With all the sun and moonshine coming from above
We're gonna catch onto this light and feel the thing we call love, singin'

Wadin' in the blue, dwellin' on the things that we have got to do, thank God a body's warm

Full of heavy thoughts, just looking for a nice play to lay our cots, thank god your body's warm.

ba, ba, ba, boom...
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