Brookers Song

I'm tryin hard, yes I'm tryin' hard
To live my life right and not pull out the bad cards
As I walk down the sidewalk, people are cold, sittin' on the street, caught up in a bad fold
So I walk around with love in my heart, and smiles on my face as I try to play a decent part, that's positive and that's how I wanna live, and thankfully lovin' is what I got to give
And thankfully, nothin' can corrupt a soul, if its sturdy enough then the tough times will unfold, into times of sunny days and nice ways
I've seen it here before, all I gotta do is make it stay
And match hard work with soft play
And be good to those around me and have a nice day
And treat the earth with the value we give birth
And practice soul bliss and see life for what its worth
I'm tryin' to perfect on my life skills, I'm trying to perfect on the way that I feel
I'm tryin' to think about nothin' but love and light
And that everything out here is gonna be allright
But everywhere that I go I'm seein' pollution
I'm seein people buyin into things that they don't really want
I'm seein' people wastin' money, wastin' time, wastin' life and not feelin' fine
But the bottom line love is a beautiful thing
It is warm and orange and makes me wanna sing
Babblin' over a bubblin' spring and singing songs upon a summertime swing
See, right from birth a living masterpeice we are
Every single one of us, like a shining star
And on this earth we are rotatin' far
And inside of us lies exactly who we are
We're gonna link up, and join our thoughts together
And make it through this stormy weather
We're gonna join our thoughts inside and let the good energy come in and provide and
and then we'll form a circle metaphorically
And the tough times will come, but we'll deal with them readily and steadily we'll move towards a better place to be, steadily we'll move towards a better place to be.......
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