Oh, It Seemed

Oh it seemed, I counted one, two, three
Opened up my eyes to look and she had totally abandoned me
No phonecalls, I did ball, I took my situation seriously, hard I did fall.

I got up bruised and battered, tattered clothes I opposed the fact that I was truly hurt and then I froze
Thinkin' of an emptiness without bliss, the memories of a kiss, the signals that I thought I'd missed

Pissed off I soon became, I started hating on her character and puttin' down her name, oh what a shame.
A girl that I once loved had been shoved into a mental place that did not consist of any happiness or grace

But after 'bout a month or two, yes my mind cleared and I saw that everything was still here
In fact, I realized that there was less to fear, Became reacquainted with cheer, while not forgettin 'bout how bad things can appear

Now I'm goin ta climb up this ladder and shatter
any doubts I've ever had about this matter
And look to the blue above and say
She may have f****ed me over, but its ok I'm over it anyway
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