Mountain Tops

I see your warm, the ways of your eyes
The lampshade is fading through the sunny skies
But all I want is for this love to show
Tho what I want, is for my life to go on

I feel it like I am right on my way
To touching this deeply, to making it stay
But something is calling, through the wooden walls
From over the mountains, where the winter falls

The moral of this story is that I feel something dull
But there’s flashes like lightning, bright, brilliant and full
When everything between us shines so bright
With a tap on my shoulder you might make it all right

I love you, the way you are
Yeah I love you the way you are
Yeah I want you the way you are
Yeah I love you the way you are

Between seasons and changing
And all the things that are in between
I’m not by your side feel your eyes adjusting to the sun that’s coming on you
You know what I mean darlin’
When I’m not next to you, oh, its true something is missing
But I’m still getting’ by, with my family and you know I want to sigh
I stop myself from doing it, I just get on my back and sing darlin’
You know that Im thinking about you yes..mmmmmm
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