Drinkin' and Thinkin'

Oh, It hit me like a big beat in my heart
Bouncing up into my thoughts
I gotta say, that yesterday
I thought about this thing a lot

A puff of smoke it added on, to my understanding of it
As I lay back silent and amused
Yet so confused and so awake
With bobby D on as we boozed

The furthest things from my head, popped right there in front my eyes
Then moved around inside my brain
And came back out and showed themselves and I sat back, my thoughts in vain

Something so confusing, something as simple as can be
Think of what happens as you grow
And learn to see, the different views
That once ago, you’d never know

And like a parent lookin, down on their baby in its bed
And like that baby looking back
Its hard to know, what one is thinking, when they are full of different facts

The things in my head, the thoughts that move around at will
The understandings that I make
Are rarely set and scarcely get,
to all the ways that those views could break

So with this said I’m thinking, that the best thing you could do
Is to listen to one’s point of view
And don’t deny a heartfelt cry
just because its not coming from you
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