Sittin' Back

Sittin Back and relaxin, not combatant attackin, I'm packin a whole factory of miraculous muzak.
Back to the regular phrase, stop once and amaze me please, darlin your presence, got me at ease, the essence, oh geez
I'm restin’ my head, and blessings got me on my knees guessin, professin my profession is what, fuck
I'm sittin down feelin so in luck, ok, lets get this thing rollin then pass the buck...

People walkin around doin their thing, with a ring, singin pop songs, king-kong sized,
finger lickin good

Should I, pry into the life of another, like an undercover agent raisin up things of amazement,words that make no sense

See now, what am I holdin', cuz back about a year ago my heart it got stolen, now I'm pullin hard, tryin to find my beatin soul

Looking here and there, payin toll after toll to cross bridge after bridge but
really tho',

Time moves slow when you're feelin cold and fast when u want it to last.

I got a past that little while ago was fueled up and gassed now its caught up to me, wait
a minute it just passed.

But everybody’s sometimes gotta look behind em and face their demons, cliched phrase in a maze of words that may be appealin’

I'm feelin’ like I don't know what I'm gonna do, need the wisdom of a wiseman, to tell me what is tru,

Through and through again, strike a perfect ten, a blend combined from the minds of

many men and women.

I send my love to all the Stars above. The world is your oyster, but fit in perfect like a glove.

Rub a dub, pass it up, fill the cup, sip and suck, one two then I'm goin ta bust, 3 and 4 the time for lust.

I must feel you before I reel u in, and steal u my heart back, baby, my line has plenty of slack in it
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