I went down to the seaside, and my mind started floating
A big toothy grin hit my face, my eyes swollen
With fog rollin’ in from the east, and a melody fillin’ me
With somethin’ so good, I wish I could bottle it up

And it was a beautiful thing,
how everything just seemed to sing, as I was wondering
My time it stopped as I walked but I couldn’t stay

Then I hit the Mendocino, and thought that there’s something that everybody should
And that’s that some things are so right to hold
So let the simple truth be told, the energy down here’s like gold
Makin’ me rich, when I got no flow

And it was creepin up on me
The wake of the warm wind was lovely
And oh how I basked in it
I hope that this feelin lasts even when I’m miles away from here
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