From the Ground Up

Well I walk through the sun today and my heart is full and my mind beats away

The light’s coming down through the clouds, the ocean sits still while the waves move it

The grass is greener today with some light on my face and the wind out the way

Oh everything’s so right now, no, nothing here’s gonna push down my brow

A rainy day, it don’t matter anyway. Clouds in the sky, goodbye, I am feelin too high

Cuz nothin’s like a warm feelin’ from within, comin straight outta somewhere where I don’t know the beginnin’

And there lies an answer right there, it is in a loving stare it is in happy affairs
So here’s a beat that may not move your feet, but in your mind I hope your flowin’ along

right in time

Oh let’s start feelin’ allright, yeah

Smoke a joint yes I appreciate if you do, see I don’t smoke much but I know what it can do for you

With worldly problems seeming so complex, I’m takin a guess that it’s a haze causin’ the mess

I mean a haze clouding up one’s thoughts, brought about in childhood with the things that one’s been taught cuz see

Deep inside we’re all basically the same, not a new thought at all but one worth repeating over again

Oh let’s start feelin’ allright yeah
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