The Right Groove

Emphasize it in your eyes, empathize and immunize, realizin all the lies and analyzin all

I devised a little rise of feelin' to any soul's appeal, to help out those who got
soul feelin like they're in a deep dream dreamin,

About a perfect world of happiness and shiny curls, with all the pretty girls with pretty necks and pretty pearls

I love the morning sun it pulls my frustration undone, I never find my way smooth when I am in the wrong groove..

Oh, won't you come back here and let me get you naked again..switchin up topics a bit
but I won't stop, cuz makin love is healthier than bread with 12 grains.

I feel the presence still here in my brain, no my insides and outside will never be the same.

I got more than I wanted when I was battin’ for the bunt and I got less than I had, now I'm chillin’ feelin’ bad


Just let the warm wind blow and let me feel a little at ease.
Honey won't you rub my back please, and I'll kiss you from your head to your knees
I got somethin on my mind, probably somethin that you're thinking 'bout all the time
Dead melodies come alive and move me, dead lyrics come inside me and sooth me

...I always find my way smooth when I am in the right groove
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