Deep Steez

Here I stand right now its a saturday afternoon, standin' right here and its four hours
past noon

And I don't know what I'm doin just sittin here and screwin around, writin
down the words that come out my mouth, now.

Its been a long tiring day the sky's grey, the clouds surround my whole town, and I'm feelin kinda down.

Cuz the serious side of life has shone on like a sharp knife, its ripe, smellin a little funky like a strong odor.

The world seems a little colder, when this view I encounter, and I can't think straight
now I'm older

And this is why this view comes up, cuz bein older brings responsibility, and actions brings consequences that could be harmin me, so

I gotta shine on and worry 'bout what I do, even tho I really shouldn't, cuz worryin don't do anythin good for you.

It just makes you miss out on good times, and you don't wanna do that so
you shouldn't follow any line, that you thinks been set for you

Yes its true, when you're feelin kinda blue and you feel like there is nothin you can do

Trapped in a cold place, blue smoke makes you choke on your own pity, hell yeah its very shitty, but

Get one thing straight life can be bad and life can be great, its all in how you take it..if you apply the brakes when you should its all good.

Part two, now I start thinkin things through like what the hell am I gonna do in a year or two

Got to get my life organized, find a path, and follow until I solve the math, god damn I need a job, I need a car

I'm goin to need myself a house maybe with a fancy bar inside, and come home every day with pride with a nice big yard and a dog outside but shit,

What the hell am I talkin about, I'm not even 20 yrs old, and this is all I'm thinkin about;

A sunny day, things lookin up, what to say, got a little bit of funky rythym flowin thru my head today

I see things, mood swings ain't gonna get me down here, gotta stop thinkin too much
cuz I feel near to you, and the soul of all being,

Life got a little spark today and this is all I'm seein’

Yes, for sure this life can be rough, but sometimes you don't appreciate enough, its tough, when people u love are dyin around you,

And you feel helpless like there is nothing you can do, but here I'm tellin you, always keep your head up and don't close your eyes,

Cuz the world don't go away, it can only be disguised, 2, 3, 4
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