Byron Banter

Gettin older everyday, but time stops when I feel like I got somethin'to say.
A girl once reminded me about how I used to play with my own shadows, prose is limiting in that way.
Youthful energy spinnin me out to the outer bounds of self I'm tryin but I can't shout.
Cuz being confined mentally has gotten me, exhausting sources where I used to see a mystery.
Smith, Robbins and Dylan; I'm fillin' up with doses of highly charged thought.
Close is the time when I'm a gonna find out, how it feels to split my soul in two, this much I hold as true.
But positivity is the only key that I can see for me to understand this life.
Eventually we will all 'get' what really matters most, Giving a toast to the best West coast I don't like to boast, but from this place I'm given a space to recognize what lies beyond what my two eyes can see.
It comes to me naturally, through the ocean, the trees, the salt air breeze So please, show a little respect, cuz if you neglect, you've got to expect to get rejected Its not as simple as that, but the facts remained stacked We're hurting this world with the way that we often act.
One trick is treatin, others how you'd like to be treated-that goes for animals I'm now goin to close with a little peice of advice, you get spice when you treat things nice.
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