Five in the Morning

What to say about a world that spins you up in lovers quarrels and spits you out and then unfurls into something to do with girls
My mind get full of crazy thoughts inside a life thats only got a million more chances to go, I miss you, I hope you know
Confusion lies in front us all, sometimes we deal, sometimes we fall
Sometimes we fool our heads and call to something that's outside it all
To something far away from here, to someplace where we have no fear, where answers
seem so nice and clear where someone else can drive and steer

But what's really goin on outside, where people fall apart and die, where someone looks
into your eyes and speaks somethin' that makes you cry
Where someone looks right into u, and seems to understand you true
Where colours turn to shades of blue and radiate all over you

I'll tell you know I don't really know how time can move so fast and slow and seem to
make your conscious grow then throw you down so far below
Then raise you up so positive where happy thoughts and babies live
where all you feel to do is give and understand those who your with

I'll tell u now, one things for certain, it helps to open up the curtain
take it in, the whole damn scene, take it in, dirty and clean
do not deny past problems gone, think of all the rights and wrong and understand you have control over you mind body and soul
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