Sunday Market

So many beautiful women around but my baby doll queen I had already found,
My head is spinnin beginnin to frown cuz it feels like the only way to go is down
Tho I’m high on the ground, wanderin slow, good coffee to drink good people to know,
Good music to hear good beer to be drunk with rasta’s and hippies and poets and punks
And thanks to a beat I am movin in time to a rythym thats playin along with a rhyme
And thanks to your eyes that are open to shine I’m smilin today and it settles my mind
How beautiful the world is when differences cease to become contentious and instead release a feelin of peace
Tho I know it’ll cease so when winter comes I’ll fly south with the geese..

Its so simple and plain and we all outta know that combinin good things makes new things grow
And tho the newest ain’t often the best it is tru, since we are here we might as well look into
The ways of the world that can make us all see that life ain’t all bad and the best things are free!
Tho sometimes there’s a fee like losin your soul to a love that was given then
thrown to the coals,
But love don’t you see burns eternally, it is only made small in life’s complexity
Now back to my drink I will sip and I’ll think bout holdin you close when the good boat does sink
And we’re forced to endure in a boat with some holes with a love that is pure travellin telephone poles and on it goes and goes and goes......
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