What I Need

Spent all my cash, on trying to make a good feelin' last
Buyin beer, so sincere is the way I think, when I'm walkin around thinkin about that missing link, in my being here I guess tired is what I am, lack of sleep makes my brain numb and words dumb eyes sagging, dark, bloodshot, hard to see, hard to smile crack a joke at a party
Givin all the pretty girls half-hearted smiles, you know, the type where you think about how u look, when you're doin it
Read it up in a book, waste of time like a candy-coated valentine
Experience is what I got for a tortured brain, lack of knowledge's what I got for feelin this pain,
What am I sayin stressin' over some bullshit task, oh, just chill and make the good times last but…

Please don't coax my mind, cuz what I see I must behold, and I'm starin’ all the time
So I reach to my fridge, crack a beer just to have some fun, what I need, is standing in the sun

Everytime I go out, trying to have fun that’s all it is about, dancin’ oh so drunk at my
Peak hookin up with girls I haven't even known a week
Getting’ dumb enough to say the stupidest things, laughin’ at the chumps doing the most ridiculous things
Making fun of girls with sticks up their sexy asses, getting’ dismissed and turned down and walked past
There's one thing tho and that's that I'm a hypocrite, because I'm participatin’ in the exact
same shit,
Making fun of things that I do myself, oh well, I'm having fun, enjoy this
wealth I guess? but

Please don't coax my mind, cuz what I see I must behold, and I'm starin’ all the time
So I reach to my fridge crack a beer, just to have some fun, what I need…

What I need is that thing that'll make my heart go wild
and what I see in you, lights my soul on fire I hope you feel the same for me
And I'll feel it for a day, like a needle in my arm, and I'll scream out just the same even
tho' it does no harm, but I got to know these things, that put a burden on me, I need you
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