Thanks for That

Sometimes I don’t know why I feel the way I do,
Wait a sec, yeah, I do its cuz of you tru.
But then I look again and I’ve bent the facts around a little cuz
Its really me that’s causin’ all the fuss

Its just that my past has come back and bit me in the ass
And for that this fact its hard for me to make this thing last
Cuz I’ve got, little signals in my head
Bringin up shit that really needs to be dead

Music thank you so much, you’re like a god to me
I flourish in your touch feel the blood rush,
The flow of a rhyme made in a new design, find a safer way to get high
And I’ll give you all of my time

Its all about the basics though
About the feeling you feel inside that clicks and sticks when hearin’ the sounds so strong
That you long for that right the wrongs and fight the throngs and all the things you go
through through dusk and dawn
Enhances the already great moments you have, sex and a bath hot water and wine oughta
Make you feel like a god yourself, if you got your health, or even if you don’t
There’s millions of things out here that’ll raise your hair and keep you starin’,
Beautiful girl, underwear wearin’
Seduction is so much fun, I got it spun with a knock knock at your door
Fall then run like a son facing persecution
Monday, hey, today is the time when things fall in line
Finite signs like little tight rhymes that stimulate your mind, unwind
And drink a few to the things you love to do
Lay back relax, lets drink some brews and kick off our shoes

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