DT Stylee

Hittin’ downtown today, I see you and try to say hey
But your trippin over yourself and your lookin in poor health
You’re a long way from home, and you’re standin there all alone
With a half full bottle beside
From the day you’re tryin to hide

I admit this is botherin me as I feel positive energy
but your negative vibes taken hold of my mind body and soul
I don’t mean no disrespect I just see all this neglect and its makin me feel sad
whats the life that you have had?

I know this lifestyle is not your first choice
and I know what you’re sayin to me is not you’re only voice
and I know you understand something, that this aint no way to be livin

I hope one day that you will rise
out the dark and clear your eyes
see the life you are abusin
make it good, and start again
find yourself a place to call home
somewhere where you’re not alone
somewhere where you feel good about yourself
where happiness is your source of wealth